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Milestones March 17 2002

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Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
Warren, OH
These are as of 8PM EST

Cracking the 1000+ category we have -
andrek 1004.94
jbslow 1001.6

Whizzing past 500 tonight is -

Breezing beyond 250 are -
Malakai 261.2
JonT 250.94

Blasting above 100 we have a big list -
Dragonbud 122.98
Tweaked! 121.4
jpeckinp 110.47
Skyfire 107.59
grunjee 107.1
gdug 104.4
Sara 102.8
Jhan 101.45
Portorock 100.04

and blazing above their first milestone of 50 are-
walaka7 81.46
0wn3d! 71.1
Leviathan 50.19
J 50

WTG! Everyone! :D
Bartender!! We want to know if Stanfords servers are going to be able to keep up with us! 18 :beer: Please!

Fold On! :burn:
0wn3d! is a buddy of mine. he doesn't fold much, but I'm glad to see him up there. He also doesn't post here much, but I know he has an account.
I got my Athlon-Tbird 1.33 and my BSD K6 200 on the job 24 7 now...

go me!
Woo Hoo! wtg everyone!!!:D
I'd have a :beer: but it's like 6:15 in the morning and I gots to go to work. I don't think my boss would understand:( (bosses just don't see the big picture);)