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My new Iwill board!

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New Member
Feb 27, 2001
Well I finely got all my parts for my new system and all I can say is wow! I love this Iwill KK266-R board. I ended up getting my T-bird 1gig from www.step-thermodynamics.com along with their HSF w/fan control. You can dial how fast you want the fan to go. Plus they sell MB’s at cost and I picked up my Iwill board for $120 and that’s the raid version. I’m running very stable at 1400 (10x140) right now at a cool 40C after 2hrs of running Serious Sam in a loop. Here is my system.

Chenbro Genie case from www.coolcases.com Great Case thanks Jim!
Iwill KK266-R
AMD 1gig (AXIA) 1gig@1400 (10x140) going to let it burn in before trying any higher
256MB Crucial PC133 Cas2
VisionTek GeForce2 GTS 32MB
Pioneer DVD-116 DVD-ROM
Netgear FA311

I can’t say enough on how this site and you guys here in the forums have helped me getting this PC together. Thanks overclockers.com!
Congratulations.. Tell me about that case. You have any problems with your HSF and space? What are your ambient temps and CPU temps running? I'm in the market for a case and debating on that one and the Lite on TB950. Does it have a removable mobo tray? Do your drives overlap the motherboard in the case at all? Any imput you can provide might save me a 3rd case purchase.. My current one sux... Thanks.
I can't say enough about this case. I was debating between Chenbro Genie and the LightOn FS020. The LightOn 950 looks like a nice one too. Hmm well I can't find the review anymore that showed some good pics of the inside, front and back. But it's very big inside and the hard drives DO not over lap the MB at all. It has room for 5 - 3.5 HD's and you can get an additional cage for 3 more. The HD cage is actually above the MB so it does not get in the way, the PS is turned on it's side to make room for the HD cage. It does not have a MB tray but really since the case is so big you don't really need one (its a lot wider than most cases). I didn't have any problems at all installing the Iwill board in the case. It has a 120 fan in the front for intake a 120 fan in the back right by the CPU for exhaust and a 90 in the back for HD exhaust. I have all Panaflo L1A high output low noise fans and it is very quite. Don't have any problems with the HSF interfering with anything there is plenty of space inside this monster. My ambient temps right now and its just been sitting here for about 2hrs while I surf are CPU 37C, Case 23C. Only drawback about the case is that it's somewhat on the expensive side. With a Enermax 330 PS and the 3 low noise fans it came in at $260, but I look at it this way. I seem to upgrade my PC once a year or so and I'm in and out of it all the time. This case has very easy access and is built very well. It should last a very long time. Hmm I've rambled on long enough I think.