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Nvidia drivers????

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Jan 4, 2024
I can't understand this. I have the nvidia driver installed but it says this NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running. I do have the latest driver can I get some help?
Uninstall everything and then perform a "clean install" (there is such an option during installation. I also recommend uninstalling the nvidia driver, then updating motherboard drivers (chipset, etc.), and then installing the new driver.
Then you have unofficial drivers or something mixed up with the virtual device drivers, and it's not registering all components properly.
I'm not sure. VMs are not officially supported for many things because of various problems with drivers and hardware support. It never worked for me like I wanted, so I was never using graphics cards for computing on VMs.
The .run extension is different from what I remember when I installed linux & the geforce driver. Can you just double-click it from with-in linux? And I mean native linux on a local hdd, not in a vm.
I am done with running linux!!!!!!!:bang head I just cant seem to fix the problem it shows dual boot but then i get a error code 0xc00007b I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bang head I have tried so many fixes and I either can't get them to work, or it is above my head.:(
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I tried mint in a dual boot and still the same problems hell it not even let me install the f@h and the nivida driver.

Why are you dual-booting? SSD's are so cheap for the past couple of years that just put Linux on its own drive. No need for dual-booting headaches. Just select the Linux drive from the BIOS splash screen or boot target selection in the BIOS.

A Linux install from a LiveUSB stick to fully installed Desktop on its discrete storage drive takes ten minutes tops.
This is your thread RE: installing Linux, FYI. Closing this thread to minimize confusion. :)

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