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Official AM2 Thread!

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Senior Spellcheck
Dec 8, 2005
All I can say is wow guys.. this is bad news for AMD.. :(
Ive noticed alot more veiwers in the intel area lately, and I guess its only going to get more active once this settles in..
good luck with your new rigs though guys! :D


Senior RAM Pornographer
Mar 3, 2005
Jacksonville, FL
Rattle said:
yeah I seen that but I also go where the performance is, if all we seen of conroe is true its going to be revolutionary, low volts, low temps, beating AMD at their own game, LOW SPEED, Kinda sad in a way I love my NF4 rig :shrug:

Yep, Conroe will be something else for sure but NF4 and s939 will always have special place in my heart *tear* LOL


Jul 2, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI.
I still think that AM2 will overclock better, because of the high FSB.

I kinda agree with you guys on Conroe but maybe that is a tad too much. They are very similar to Dothan but with a little extra kick and price. Maybe they are using even shorter pipes than AMD :shrug: . Waits for real reviews.