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refrigerator/passive radiator

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New Member
Oct 22, 2002
Just an idea looking for thoughts. I've been working on putting 1-3 desktops in a custom desk cabinet (21" w x 30" h by 28" d). I've got good temps and lower noise (not as low as hoped) with one box but to get 3 boxes and low noise I'm gonna have to do something else. In comes water cooling and noticing the back of my refrigerator.

Basically we are talking of a grill 21" wide by maybe 26" tall, i.e. 18 - 35' of 1/4 - 1/2" id copper pipe snaking back and forth. The grill of pipe and wire 'fins' would be spaced 2" off the cabinet back and 2" off the wall. The water intake would be at the top with convection cooled water out the bottom. Convection currents would be assisted by top/back cabinet passive/active exhaust (weather exhaust fan(s) should blow on, or be above the coil depends on temperature differential).

If that makes any sense I'm wondering general feasability, pipe size (original thought was 24' of 1/2" id on 2" centers) and pump size (I haven't done the math but its a lot more feet/water than a typical system).

My guess is that these 3 boxes (500 - 1600mhz) probably generate the same heat that some of you guys are generating with 1.