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Oct 8, 2001

Why is it that lately I see alot of RIP in peoples sigs?
I mean what the hell are you doing to your computer to ruin such high qaulity parts?

hmmm, I guess I gotta a few old RIP.
1. HP Asus motherboard I tryed to solder on my own fsb jumpers where it had none. Fans spun for 1 second and then nothing.
2. Abit BE6 died when I moved the CMOS jumper to clear while it was running, I wasn't thinking.
3. Kingmax PC150 BGA 128mb died when took off taped on heat spreaders that were stuck on hard and accidently removed a tiny resistor, tryed to solder it on but couldn't, out of desperation I put a blob of solder across gap, replaced back in motherboard switch on PC then blam... 4. There goes my soundblaster live 5.1 was well.

Nothing died in the last 2 years, I think im getting less foolish now.
How are you peoples killing your parts?


May 23, 2002
Modding them....trying to squeeze an extra 10mhz out of em...wanna be bleeding edge you gotta bleed money!


Mar 30, 2003
what he said^^^ and simple mistakes like accidentally shorting something... forgetting to lock the pci/agp slots....


Sep 30, 2001
England, UK
I think the majority of hardware failures are due to either overvolting or accidental damage, i.e. incorrect seating of the heatsink. I dare say most of the accidents happen at around 2AM after what seems like a bright idea at the time! ;)



Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
Overclockers pride themselves on "saving" money by buying the cheapest parts....four times in a row because we keep blowing them up.

Told you we was hardcore.


Jul 28, 2001
If we didn't blow tons of money it wouldnt be much of a hobby right?? I think some of us get bord, break stuff so we can buy new stuff ;)......


Nov 8, 2001
i'm proud to say i ripped the passive heatsink off of my motherboard core and applied a thermaltake vga heatsink with arctic silver.
However, i found out the fan doesn't work :( but it still cools better than the passive.
it's one of my prouder moments.
I also did the same thing for my old radeon le.
and I did a huge make over on my old case adding 6 extra fans, but thats been awhile back.
I want to mod some more.....
Now im thinking about my fx 5800. That thing runs hotter than my beetle! You guys know of anything that would work on it? I'm sort of lost about it as the heatsink and ramsinks are only nvidia style. Would the regular fan and ramsinks work well or is it beyond that and the only other cooling would be water?
There was once i forgot to put arctic silver on the core of my cpu when putting the heatsink back on. it didn't mess anything up but it was running a little hotter than normal.
I think the only thing i ever messed up was the first time i built my pc i mounted the mobo wrong which fried it. But everything else was salvageble.


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
tom10167 said:
Mountain Dew + tripping over computer parts + open case = How to turn Tom's computer, into a wet computer.
Mountain Dew Cooling? Hmm.

I lost a modem because my water cooling system leaked onto the modem. It also leaked onto two video cards but those survived.

edit: I lost 6 machines in a house fire. Does that count? Had some pretty good ones too.


Dec 10, 2002
North Vancouver, Canada
I lost an ethernet card and almost lost a video card because my cat (a static electricity magnet that likes to eat dust for some reason) started licking and rubbing her head against both. Amazingly I didn't lose the video card, and why I have to lock her in the back room whenever I open my comp up :p


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
I havent killed much really. I remember a PSU exploding on me (loud BANG and some white smoke and the PC died. Thankfully thats all that died).

I did spend three days trying to get my PC working, a few years ago. Then realised the clear CMOS jumper wasnt *quite* in the right place. Doh.


Mar 3, 2002
Barcelona, Spain

I've also killed quite a bit of hw pieces :

1. A Modem killed by a thunderstorm
2. A few disks died... one of those while I was installing a RAID system.
3. I killed a PL-IP3/T tualatin adapter while removing the heatsing that I previously applied to the voltage regulator to mod it... some weeks later I could resurrect the card by resoldering the IC that was 'peeled together with the HS.
4. I killed a tualatin 1.0 celly chip while removing the IHS.
5. Killed and resurrected several times my CD and DVD burners... while flashing, cross-flashing and mod-flashing.

... ahhh, that sweet feeling that something is repently going wrong very late in the night...