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S-video 2 Rca Adaptor

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Jun 15, 2002
I need a s-video to rca adaptor for my geforce3 so i can try n use my tv to watch dvd's anyone got one lying around that they dont need? please help
Thanks Wilhelm
hey anyone know how this thing work? I got the ti 4600 and can't seems to get it to work on my tv s-video. do you have to plug the monitor and the tv in too? all i did was plug in the tv only.
its not set in stone you know. ive seen diagrams that state you should use a 470pF capasitor.
so just get one around about there and you'll be fine
arite someone help me set this thing to work on the tv. read my previous reply.
XyKo said:
the 40.72

OK connect the TV and the card using the cable, Have the TV switched 'ON', Right click on your desktop---Settings---Advanced (this should open a new properties box)---click on the tag in the top right corner( Called GeForce4 Ti 4600). A meun should appear on the left side with headings like 'GeForce 4 Ti 4600' -- 'nView Display mode'. Click on the nView Display mode heading--in this meun there should be a detect function. This would then in turn give you option to choose 'clone view', 'Span horizontal', 'Span Vertical', etc...

Once you got it detected play with the different settings in each heading;)
so i still have to connect both the monitor and the tv at once. damn gotta carry the monitor down.

plus do you know if this video card is able for video capture?
no. fisrt off all make sure your pc is off.
next, dissconnect your monitor and connect your t.v with the cable.

now turn the pc on. if all is well, then it will boot with the t.v as the primary display and the bios will show on the t.v. if that happens then you know it works.
Actually All i see when i boot with the the tv alone is the lines with different colors. you know when you get knwo signal. I'l going to try it on my other friend computer. Can't believe it doesn't work on my Sony Wega via S-video.