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SK6+ question

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IT Director Senior
Oct 15, 2001
Gotta question. I've never owned an SK6+, but I'm thinking of buying some.

This is, I want to use 80mm fans on it. I have some 60mm-80mm fan adapters already, but the SK6+ doesn't have holes for fan mounting, it uses wire clips.

Anyone know if I could just screw some screws into it, between the fins or is there some other way to attach the fan adapter?
As I said, I have 60mm-80mm fan adapters. The real question is how to attach them.

I hadn't though of plastic Zip ties. I bet they would work, although I would be concerned about the heat of the heatsink melting the plastic:(
I'm not too keen on that 80mm fan mod here http://www.overclockers.com/tips942/ because I don't think I would get very good performance with the fan so close to the heatsink. Most of the heatsink wouldn't get any air because the hub of the fan covers most of it. That's why I'd like to have it raised up, off the heatsink, so it can blow air over the heatsink fairly uniformly. I want to be able to use a quiet fan on this heatsink, so I could get good airflow with less noise and for less money than a SK7 or SLK800.

The SK7 is only about $10.00 more and worth the raise in price.

The fins on all the thermalrights are very thin and not soldered together at the top.

If you put a screw in them it would just spread the tops and it would not hold.

I just bought a SK6+, SK7, and the SLK-800 and it seems the most cooling for the dollar will come from the SK7.
Thanks to you both for your input.

I may decide to go ahead and get the SK7, after all. It is only $9 more (from svcompucyle) than the SK6+ and I wouldn't have to mod it.

It will be a while, so I may kick the idea around a little more. I just found a great article here that reviews the four main heavyweight heatsinks, all tested with the same Panaflo L1A fan (my fan of choice.)
The SLK800 comes out on top, over the AX-7, Swiftech M462A, and the Zalman CNPS 6000cu, yielding some pretty decent temps with a fan rated for 24 CFM @ 21dBA.