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Soltek SL-75DRV5.anybody use this?

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Dec 21, 2001
I am wondering about this board,I have heard it is a great board,has anyone else used it or know anything about it?:rolleyes:
I have this board with an AMD 1600+ XP chip and KingMax PC2700 memory.

It seems to be a nice board although my mouse connector is shorted (I use the USB instead).
I just bought one, the only problem seems to be when you have PC2700 running @ 333. It has a little quirk with this new chipset. Soltek is working to solve the problem. If you run the Memory @ 266 it runs fine. Stable xp 1800 @150fsb
I didnt end up buying this board,it is a good board from all the reviews I read,but for less money I went with the 8K3A+,but I have Kingmax 2700,should work well in both..I hope:D
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Question ,
How can you change the speed of the RAM without the speed of the FSB ?

I'm running Crucial PC2100 RAM
and I'd like to see if this can handle higher speeds
Are you guys using an unlocked CPU??
I just ordered this board today,going to see how she flys;)

3dguru, could you email me the bios settings that you are using with the soltek.
Hmmm, I was going from my memory because I don't have the Soltek running anymore. I got in a copper block last week and tried to setup water cooling over the weekend. A hose fitting had a really small leak :eek: (more of a moist spot actually). Thank God that I was checking frequently nothing got wet. So this coming weekend I'm gonna take it down and re-do it.
Well I did end up buying this board also,and so far I am not impressed with it,with my CPU unlocked it dont seem to like the lower multipliers at all,runs well @ 11.5 or higher,but I like the multiplier low so I can up the FSB,but so far I have had no luck at all:(
darrin: what is your fsb? i think we are running just about the same system.


xp 1600+@1660mhz (158fsb)
soltek sl-75drv5
samsung pc2700@166mhz
maxtor hdd 2700rpm ata133

whats yours?
fsb and bios setting

augustwest...you have yours running at 152fsb...please help me out with my bios settings..don't know what i am doing wrong.
thanks again
Maybe you can look at mine also,im getting nowere with mine.
I got mine set @ 152X10,all normal settings on the ram.
IBM 60 Gig HD
GForce 2 Ultra
SB Live
3 Com Home connect Ethernet card
Antec 300 Watt PSU

All the reviews I read said this board was a Hot Rod:rolleyes:
bios and hardware

here is the scoop.
xp 1900+ locked (running win xp pro)
soltek sl-75vr5
mushkin pc2700 cl2.5
maxtor 7200 60gig ata133
radeon 8500 64meg
sb audigy
creative 52x cd / lg 32x cd-rw
fsb freq 133
dram 166
dram clock 166
dram timing manual
dram cas 2.5
dram burst 4
dram queue 2 level
dram command 2t
system performace normal
vcore 1.8
dimm/clk auto detect disabled
fsb 143 (will boot at 144 but not stable if higher blue screen.

cooling using swiftech mcx462 w/80mm fan
120mm fan (blowing over cpu)
80x80x38 mm delta as blowing
80mm case fan exhaust.

mb 27-28 full load
cpu 38-41 full load