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Stability Tests

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Dec 28, 2001
I was going to run 3dmark2001 in looping for stability test but i wanted to know should i run all the tests or just certin ones
It is better to use apps that will give an indication of errors. A system may not crash but that doesn't mean it's stable. If a system is giving computational errors then it's not stable. I suggest Prime '95 or CPU Burn-in (available here . Both will give messages on computational errors.
The ultimate stability test after your very sure of your system's stability. Format and install windows. especially 2k and XP. they will give u errors if there is a prob with your comp. I never leave my comp at a speed it cant install windows with, or pass 24+ hours of p95 while folding in the background.
I would never run a graphics app to test stability of an overclocked cpu...even though your chip may be stable, if you have a cheaper graphics card (like me) the test will still crash...hell, the drivers for my Rage Fury won't even run 5 of the test in 3DMark 2001...but that doesn't mean my stability isn't there...
Thx guy's but i ran P95 for 10 hours it passed i just wanted to try suttin more and i heard people running 3dmark2001 in a loop
download the Bryce 5 demo from www.corel.com

do a simple scene with clouds and water, lots of reflection, and set the animation at 1 hour-long clip, 50fps....then hit the render animation button...

3 days later, if your computer hasn't started smoking, you can be assured that you just performed one helluva burn-in/stability test! :D