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Two teams in our sights. Two!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
#7 in the world. Yeah yeah yeah. We all know this now but still... I mean, come on. We. We are #7 in the entire world. Now go step in front of a mirror and congratulate that person for helping out. Yeah. Go on now. I'll wait.

EVGA (11.5 years) and NVIDIA (5 months). We'll be #6 if we can keep the pressure on. Still some colder winter days left to generate some heat. If you can, let's push hard into the summer. Speaking of which, this would be a good time to plan computer maintenance. Come summer time when machines have to slow their roll, plan to open 'em up and clean out any dust and replace any old paste and what not. Get some new gear or whatever. Make the plan now and inact said plan in the heat of summer.

Top 100 in the world for T32:
@HayesK #27
@WhitehawkEQ #31
@Holdolin #38
@HayesK #44
@dfonda #69 (hehehehe) (ED. Stop that snickering)
@torin3 #91

No top 200. I got bumped out by person(s) unknown.

The team is up to 53 active folders. That's a very good number. Perhaps the most important for our long term success. This number does not care how much you participate but that you participate at all. That's the important part. Come one or come all. Participation isn't just for kids soccer, it's for F@H too.

Top 25 are all earning 1 million ppd or more.
Top 11 are all earning 10 million ppd or more.
Top 7 are all earning 20 million ppd or more.
Top 5 are all earning 40 million ppd or more.
@dfonda is earning more than 67 million ppd.
@WhitehawkEQ is earning more than 80 million ppd.
@HayesK is earning a staggering 231 million ppd.

I'm happy to say that we have a lot of milestones this week.
@Grub just earned 600 million.
@Norcalsteve just earned his first 100 million! WOOT!
@Flamethrower1972 just earned 90 million. First 100 million soon!
@KenSavage just earned 60 million.
@Mindmatter just earned 50 million.
@GlitchWitch just earned 20 million.
@Layyne just earned his first 1 million! WOOT!
@derek just earned his first 1 million! WOOT!

All right guys. We aren't doing poorly at all. Keep doing what you're doing, look for opportunities to do more and FOLD ON!

Until next week, stay safe and
Build, Borg, Recruit.
Nice! I was on business trip this week… And our office lost power here so I was two rigs down for about 48 hours this week😞 but I’m back at it again! It’s just bonkers how much PPD/total points I’ve gained these past two weeks in comparison to past points/ to work units!😎

Keep them folding, team!
As always, amazing work all. Especially @don256us on that title correction :rofl: :chair:

Also, all 4070Ti-based ships have been docked. Most likely to be parted out while the 4090-based ships are still diverted elsewhere. So please Don don't worry, I haven't passed away. Imma live forever if the good die young :p
LOL for those that may not be tracking what would seem quite morbid: when I started back up last fall Don had mentioned he thought I'd passed away (prolly cause I simply disappeared after last 'season'). It has become an ongoing joke in my house since I told my wife and she be like "damn, he went straight to worst-case scenario" :muahaha:
After more than a decade of folding, I have taken the tenth spot on Team 32!
YAY! :clap:
superducky has stopped folding for the last couple of weeks. I hope he is OK.
I am also in the top 200 of all folders (172).
Macaholic is in sight . . . less than two months for an overtake. He has only one day of folding in the last three years or so.
I need to go ride my motorcycle.