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Type of Server Setup for a lot of Users

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New Member
Mar 26, 2006
Hey guys it's been a long time! Hope all of you are well. I wanted to hear from your inputs about having a server. I want to know what kind of server setup I will need to serve 10-25million users. More than 90% of those users will have data in text that could be be anywhere of up to 250 lines of text and also multiple images maybe around 10-15 that are most likely limited to 2-5MBs an image. And at anytime I could have 200,000 users or more on at the same time a day. The purpose of this is to create a data base, that is capable of of relaying encrypted information to professionals who can analyze and give consultations to the majority of the users.

Now that I've said that I also want to know how many people it will take to maintain just the server side, and who I might need to make this fully operational everyday.

Thank you in advance for your inputs, I highly appreciate it.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I'm not so sure this is the appropriate forum for finding a good answer to your question. That sounds like a pretty big operation. Perhaps there are forums more targeted to those working with large data bases. There are probably companies that specialize in this kind of thing that you could contract with to do a consult. Oracle?

On the other hand, if you need help overclocking your PC we'll jump all over that.