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Wait for dual channel for p4's?

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Jan 21, 2001
I'm wondering now if it might be worthwhile to wait for the dual channel ddr chipsets to come out. Especially when the new 533 mhz fsb cpus come out, there will be nice low multipliers, and with a pair of kingmax pc2700 sticks, it might just be quite worth waiting for, especially if it would be able to hit the magic 166fsb(666). With that fsb, a 2.26ghz chip (the lowest multiplier 533fsb p4's to be available) would be running at 2.83ghz(probably reachable, especially if intel releases a new stepping with the 533fsb chips), with a whopping 5.4gbytes sec of theoretical memory bandwidth....it might just be worth the wait.....
The thing is, is that it seems like the memory industry is putting up a lot of resistance to making a lot of change.....I doubt that ddr2 will be out as early as the beginning of next year....even still, the memory industry seems to be kicking and screaming into implimenting PC2700, which is standardizing and coming out very slowly......
I don't think there will be a desktop motherboard produced by Intel that has dual channel DDR for a while. I know they have it in the server MB's, but I wouldn't expect it to reach the desktop till the end of the year at the very earliest. I would just go for a 1.6a or a 1.8a now and have fun with that.