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Water cooling- where to get best waterjacket & radiator for the money

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Apr 8, 2001
Well after looking at a lot of HS&F systems and knowing that the processor im getting (1.33ghz amd) is gonna be really hot, I think im gonna go to water cooler. Seeing as it is a very simple system and I already have lots of water pumps lying around, I am going to build one myself.
So... getting back to the point, im looking for a high quality water-jacket w/hold-down and a high quality radiator (if possible from the same retailer) that wont cost more than $60-80 total. And if you suggest something please include a URL to the retailer (or else I will probably never find it).

There is a lot of info on the front page under water cooling about various ways to accomplish this. I would suggest checking them out...who knows, you might even get a really good idea! :)
I've found that radiators you can get on-line are way overpriced. My radiator is a heater core (not sure which car) that I picked up at Advance Auto Parts for ~$20. The only problem here is that they aren't exactly "compact", but they deliver exeptional performance (copper). You can also find used ones at junk yards for under $10, but they require cleaning and are just a general hassle... depends on if it's worth an extra $10 for you not to have to clean it yourself... just gor to Advance or NAPA and ask for the cheapest heater core they have.

Some of the best water-blocks I've seen come from www.dangerden.com . The 2 I saw there are copper... one is more expensive, but you "probably" wouldn't really need it unless you're running a peltier. Danger Den's water blocks also have some of the easiest most secure mounting techniques I've seen... well worth the investment.

I don't know if you still need a water pump, but you can pick one up at pretty much any pet store (or "Home Depot"-type store, but I don't recommend those types as highly). Look for a PondMaster or something simmilar. Unless you've got a very hot TBird and multiple high-watted peltiers I doubt you'll need to get a pump higher than 250Gph (gallons per hour)... I got a 500Gph and it just vibrates too much... I'm going to trade it in for a 300Gph or something... just don't get something too small or the water won't flow fast enough to take enough heat from the water-block.

Good luck man, and welcome to the club. :)

one anser, www.dangerden.com they have the best stuff there. I have ordered from them and can attest that it is top quality stuff. Not overly price either. The radiators are more expensive though, find something offline. Heater core and trans fluid radiators seem to be the favs.
Heh, i used to work at a pet store so water pumps are not a problem, i have lots of them (purchased at wholesale :)). Im right now off to the auto parts store and hopefully ill come up with a cheap heater core. I think I will go with dangerden as they are getting a lot of plugs here, and I already have some nice fans on order so ill use those for the case and the radiator.
I think I will have the cheapest liquid cooler setup ever. I will use a trashcan (small one about 1.5' high and 10" wide) for the reservoir and seal up the top 95% of the way with duct tape (but allowing tubing and cords to come out). I will have the pump submerged in the water (too lazy for in-line) and the tubing go directly to the waterjacket and then the radiator and back to the trashcan. Simple and hopefully effective.


just got back from super-trak. I picked up a heater core for $23 (thanx for that tip), looks very nice and should work well. The dimensions for the area with all the fins is about 20cm x 15cm so I can put a nice 120mm fan on there. I have attached a picture of it. Also, which way does the fan go, pulling air from the radiator or push air onto the radiator?