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what to do with a k6 233?

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Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
hmm, what to do with my k6 233?
what do you guys suggest?

the only thing i have done with it so far is wipe off the thermal greese and combed my hair with it! hehe

got any ideas?
how well do these overclock?

thought about makin a keychain...

another thing i was thinkin about is takin the spreader and makin a plex block out of it....
Overclock it and Fold with it.

You could also make a sound box, file server, router, or anything like that. Or send her this way, i'll put that baby to good work.
Send it to me ! That's a good use ! jk

Clboertien was right, you could use it as a file server, a firewall, a router, or just a surfing rig
LOL, if you do not need a 2nd rig, do what I did with my old P100 a few years back.

Burn it ;)

Grab a watch, take off the heatsink, turn the PC on, and see how long that baby will be kicking. Open the window though, plastic stinks really bad once it starts melting ;(
yea id do the fileserver and firewall thing if it would work... but im not sure what the deal is, i just got this from a friend,
but it has a maxtor 20 gig hdd! and a floppy

i love the case but ITS STUPID AT!

and my mobo tray wont fit in it!

its the curvy skyhawk design that youll see at electroseller.com the midtower one... its nice...anyone want it?