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Where would one buy di-electric grease and Dow Corning's 1-2577 Conformal Coating?

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Jun 3, 2001
Where would one buy di-electric grease and Dow Corning's 1-2577 Conformal Coating?

Just wondering if these are common at a place like radioshack or hardware store.

Within a week went from 0 overclocking to obsessive compulsive level (not usual for me). Ill be upgrading my psu on friday and shortly thereafter ordering and watercooler/peltier unit.
The di-electric grease you should be able to buy at radio-shack (I'm not 100% sure). Where I know you'll find it is at an auto-parts store. As for the Dow Corning's 1-2577 conformal coating, no clue. Best bet would be an electronics supplier (not radio-shack). I get my stuff from a place calle "Future Active". check the yellow pages, depending on where you live you should be able to locate some withing a few calls. Price should be between $10 - $20 (canadian) per unit.
Tks, the second item is what appears to be needed at:

apparently its the silicon of choice for water proofing the motherboard on a peltier system; seems like a good ideal to me. Why i get around to buying my watercooler/peltier ill do this first prior to installation (i figure in a week or 2 max).

In the meantime.... i read read and read, then read more.
If you are really obsessive and compulsive, visit your local discount auto like Pep Boys. Buy some Permatex blue for conformal coating and some dielectric grease. The Permatex takes two hours to cure, you will wait days for multiple applications of the DOW stuff. Oh, it's cheaper too. My favorite is Aqua Seal with Cotal, liquid urethane. It's used for repairing neoprene waders a wetsuits. With enough Cotal, it will harden in an hour. Find it at fly fishing supply stores, kayak or dive shops.