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Windows 10 display output question

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Jeff G

May 22, 2016
Just built a new HTPC after my last one died, new one is on Windows 10 and old was on Windows 7 so I'm pretty sure this is a Windows issue as I didn't have the issue before.
Computer is running HDMI output to a receiver with video pass-through to my TV.
If I shut the TV off, the output from the computer stops. No problem for video as I don't need to watch the video if I'm turning the TV off, but if I'm streaming Pandora I don't always want the TV on the entire time. If I turn the TV off, it kills the audio from Pandora too. Same goes for any audio streaming source, as soon as the TV is off it shuts off the audio going to my receiver (almost as if it stops outputting through the HDMI once it senses the TV is off).
Is there any way to change this?


Oct 29, 2005
I believe that since you are using just the hdmi cable to output, you have no separate audio only channel? I don't have a receiver but I did buy speakers so I use a toslink cable from my pc to my audio setup. My tv speakers are disabled. Even so you should be able to run a digital toslink (s/pdif) to the receiver. Essentially you need to separate the video output from the audio. My s/pdif-optical goes direct from pc to my dac-to my speakers, and my tv uses the component out back to my speakers which have two input sources. I have no idea how your receiver works but sounds like a switch or dial setting once you get it straight.