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Windows and Bill Gates

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Senior Citizen (aka old fart)
Nov 24, 2001
Dallas, Georgia
Monday March 18, 2002 - [ 07:12 PM GMT ]
- By Grant Gross -
The big news this week came from an exclusive NewsForge/Linux.com report saying AOL is planning to dump the Microsoft Internet Explorer for the core of the Open Source Mozilla browser. Robin "Roblimo" Miller also reported March 11 that AOL was talking with Red Hat about supporting AOL's wholesale switch to Linux servers.


Can't seem to find it now but what law suit was it rescently wherein the Windows lawyers made it clear that if they lost the suit they would have to pull Windows xp support? This should scare the xxxx out of anyone running xp and even more so since reloads require contact with the home site.

It is beginning to look like the opposition is getting together to counter Mr. Gates.

Don't really know anything about it however that is not the point. Rescently Lindows won against the all powerful Mr. Gates as well. Maybe there are a few cracks in his armor after all.


Feb 4, 2003
i hate aol. and havent you heard reportedly they owe the most of amount of money in the world. they are in millions of pounds of debt.


Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
M$ can pull it if they want since I no longer need nor have ever needed support from them. They can't anyway or they'd get put out of business for breech of contract to all the XP users out there.

I use w2k, 98se, NT4 & wfw3.11 and never have my OS phone home :D