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YATTA, I did it.

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Sep 12, 2001
I got the other duron to go to 1.24!!!

No one on the AMD motherboard ECS mobo forum was interested in helping me. So, if anyone wants to know how I did it, pm me.


Of course, if no one here cares either, that's ok too.
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Congrats dude! I care! big fan of durons and ecs.
I had a 1gig duron and ecs mobo b4 and i was also able to oc' it to 1.24. But i sold that system to my gf's bro. Just sold my p4 to my sis so i'm on the market for another system. I'm just waiting for Fry's to sell the 1.3duron combo again. THey had it on the ad a few weeks ago. It'll be my folding machine. Looking forward to oc' it til it screams like a schoolgirl.
I got a narly lookin' case and a vantec hsf waiting for it...:p
ok. Don't ask me why this worked, but I swapped out video cards. I put a new agp card in the 1.24 and the card out of that one in the 1.12. They were both pci 2 meg ATI Mach64 cards but they were not exactly the same.

I wish I could get a 24% oc on my tbirds.

portorock said:
Great job o/c ing, what could you do with a 1.2. Not that I'm offering one for free, just curious.;)

I'm not sure but maybe

1.2 * 1.24 = 1.488

Let me know if you're ever giving them away! :D