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    where to get smart fan 2?

    Ok, this sounds like a dumb question from reading the title, but I want to know which vendors are going to sell the smart fan 2 with the adapter included so I can run it off the PSU and not the mobo. Im looking at the one at and I was wondering if that one had the adapter or if all the smart fan 2's came with it. Thanks

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    Nearly all fans come with the adapter (retail mainly). If you buy a ttsf2, retail, you are given an adapter.

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    I bought 5 OEM Tt SF2's from for 7.99 each and they came with the thermal probe, adj pot and 3 pin to 4pin adapter. They didn't come with the fan grill like in the retail package but then again, it was much cheaper.

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    I'm getting mine off ebay they have alot and for good prices, some good buy it now. Might want to check that out.

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    all of the sf2 comes with the 4 pin adaptor

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    i got mine from newegg and it c ame with all of the above

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    Fry's here. Quickest way, and still at a reasonable price. Came with everything.

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