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    Problem with boot

    I just rebuilt my comptuer with a new mobo (cheap socket 754 stuff). Everything seems to be connected correctly, the computer turns on and there is no error code (beep).

    The screen is not getting a signal and the keyboard (although it flashes to show that it is powered when I put on the pc) is not responsive.

    anyone know what could be the problem?

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    This may sound silly, but once I forgot to plug in the case speaker to the motherboard, and hence I could not hear the motherboard was telling me the video adapter was failing.

    If that is not the case, does your motherboard have an LED that indicates it is getting power? That is often helpful in eliminating the PSU as a problem.

    Is there any activity at all when you hit the switch- fans spinning or the PSU reacting in any way?
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    I actually got it to boot once, by removing a memory stick. When i put the stick back in, I could smell burning. I'm thinking that it was a faulty board that has now fried my memory... has this ever happened to anyone.

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    You're using your old hard drive and all the drivers on it are for the old motherboard, chipset, etc.. You'll most likely have to reinstall windows. You could try a repair install, that sometimes works and will retain all your settings, programs and data. But, most likely, it's a reformat and reinstall (I assume, after you reinstall your old MOBO so you can back up the data that you didn't backup before this forray into the unknown).
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