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    Media player 11 question?

    Is it possible to have wmp11 automatically copy/move music into the "my music" folder when you add it to the library?

    I've been able to get it to the rename the files, add id3 info and such, but it won't move the files. If I add an album from say c:\temp\artist_1, it will play the files from c:\temp\artist_1, but I want it to create a directory in "my music" that is artist_1 and put the files there.

    Basically, organize music the way itunes does. All you have to do is drag a song into itunes, it adds it, renames it and moves it.
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    this begs the question... why are you using media player?

    bump for some attention from someone in the know.

    Personally, I transitioned to to iTunes as soon as i played with it the first time because it managed my library for me. Luckily i got an ipod for christmas and i have yet to need media player any more. i use VLC for playing windows media as a matter of fact... no mo' WMP. Hope someone can shed some light... it would be interesting to know regardless of actually using it i guess.
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