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    Upgrading Advice

    Hey all, would like your opinion regarding my upgrade path

    I'm currently gaming - SC2 and am looking forward to some 2011 releases such as Shogun 2 TW, perhaps Diablo3 and the SC2 expansion to name a few. Other than that, not sure of which other games to look out for, really.

    I'm trying to futureproof my PC, and have it hold out until my next major build in 2012 (earliest) or 2013 when Intel would have supposedly released the successor to Sandy Bridge.

    Here are my current specs:
    Q6600 @ 3.4 Ghz (378x9) 1.36vcore CPU-Z
    Scythe Infinity Cooler (2 80mm fans)
    Gigabyte X38
    4x1GB DDR2 800 running a little underclocked
    ATi 4870 1GB

    Samsung 2232 22" 1680x1050

    Options in mind:
    1. Keep the setup and wait it out until 2012/2013
    2. Sell 4870/upgrade GPU - but to what? I'd like something that won't be bottlenecked by the Q6600 at my resolution
    3. Open to other options, but not those that will require a major overhaul of my parts.

    Right now, SC2 will load at 60FPS (settings at all high but not maxed), but will drop to the low 20s or lower in larger 3v3/4v4 battles.
    *HOWEVER, I've heard that SC2 may be more CPU-limited than GPU limited. If this is indeed the case, then option 2 may need more justification.

    *I've seen lots of benches, but these are all running i7s @ 4ghz. Not quite the same as running an ancient Q6600 I think.
    *CPU OC limited due to p95 temps hitting 75C according to CoreTemp. Not sure where the limit is at for the core temps, really.
    EDIT: Is this how to properly read/adjust for temps?
    *I can probably sell the 4870 at 1GB
    *I'd like to play at the native 1680x1050 as much as possible

    Thanks, and happy holidays!
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    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.40 Ghz (378x9)
    Mobo: Gigabyte X38-DS5
    RAM: 4x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
    PSU: HEC 550watt

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    Sc2 Is a very CPU Limited game. But A good graphics card to upgrade to would be Radeon 6850 or 6870.

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    I say 6850. 6870 is going to be getting into the diminishing gains category for that bus speed IMO.

    A 6850 can be pushed to near the level of a 6870 if you're careful.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I got an offer for my 4870 for approx $110.

    The candidates for replacement card:

    6850 = ~182$
    5850 = ~200$
    6870 = ~244$
    6950 = ~316$

    Should I also consider a GTX 460?
    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.40 Ghz (378x9)
    Mobo: Gigabyte X38-DS5
    RAM: 4x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
    PSU: HEC 550watt

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    +1 for 6870
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