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A770 vs 3060 anyone have real world comparison?

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Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
I love my little 3060 v1 card. It was cute just sitting there mining away for me. Shortly it will be replacing my GT730 2GB in my kid's school work PC.

But now that Intel has released the Arc series I have started thinking. And when I think I always end up spending money. Wife is gonna kill me. But, I want to support Intel. We need a 3rd player to the GPU market.

Does anyone have any real world experience with both of these cards? How is overall stability? What's the gaming like? I swear that my AMD cards had better output than my Nvidia cards. Has anyone noticed this with Arc?

Anyone interested in paying original MSRP for my 3090? LOL

Where is our dedicated Intel GPU forum?
to bad no new reviews with the newest intel drivers. looks like they fixed some performance issues in DX9 emulation layer.
It's going to be a bit of a moving target trying to keep up with drivers. When it works, it works fine. I found if I had the nvidia driver installed at the same time I can get random slow responsiveness which makes switching between GPUs more of a pain needing to DDU between.

I can't say I have encountered any problems with games, but I've not exactly ran a long list. The only "maybe" is Portal RTX wont start, but that's a bit of a special case for now.

It does looks like there is some interest out there for Arc GPUs. Did a couple of videos about A380 on my YouTube channel getting into the hundreds of views. My typical view rate is lucky to get into double figures! I knew it was no easy task and even then I under-estimated the work. Debating doing another video balancing useful content and ease to make. Maybe a guide to what I think are good settings in a selection of games with baked in benchmarks.
what was the big deal some people were making about them intel A's. something to do with encoding video?
Arc was the first to support AV1 hardware encoding, and had they released it earlier they would have had a significant time advantage. By the time it actually came out nvidia more or less released 40 series, and we now have RDNA3 joining the party too. You could argue Intel still enables that at lower cost while red and green have only got very high end options right now.
I just picked up an open box ASRock Challenger D 8GB Arc A750 OC at my local Microcenter for $183. The GPU clock is OC'd 7% to 2,200 MHz vs. 2,050 MHz for the Intel version. Had to update the BIOS on my Asus H610 motherboard to an Arc specific version get the Resizable Bar activated, and after doing that it ran fine. There were two driver updates just this week, one WHQL release followed by a Beta release 2 days later. It's very quiet, the fans stay at idle unless I'm gaming on it, temps are fine, and it seems to be very well constructed. I increased the PL1 limit from 180W to 200W and got the following result from 3DMark time Spy.

3DMark-Time Spy-13092-13046-13365-12700F-M3200-ArcA750-Win 11-200W.jpg
I hope Intel can pull their balls together pretty soon! I really dont want to support Nvidia or AMD's current pricing strategies.


That's code for I am too cheap to go into debt for a GPU :D
Man you've got a great GPU. Enjoy the hardware you have. Sure it's fun to have the latest and greatest hardware, but that rig will be keep up for a few years at least. By all means if someone has the ability to easily upgrade every cycle then have fun with it, but nobody should be going into debt for a generational upgrade or even every other. (I could say nobody should be going into debt for gaming, but we all have different priorities so....)