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A7V-VM Boot Problem

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Feb 17, 2001
Mesa Arizona
First off, I did a search for A7V-VM boards and I guess not many people have them?? I have an HP Pavilion that this board came in with a Duron 900 CPU. When I power it on it displays the HP blue splash screen and hangs. It does give enough time to hit the key to enter the BIOS but it hangs just after stating "Entering setup". I cleared the bios, took it apart and put it all back together again, and switched the RAM out and Vid cards out. There appears not to be any jumpers on the board. I thought of flashing the BIOS but it doesn't get far enough to read the floppy. Any help woulf be great! If you need to know anything else, ask and I will post ASAP. THANKS! Bigair.
Anyone have any ideas? Should I just buy another one? Does anyone have an extra one? BIGAIR
You might have one component that's causing the trouble. Sicne this board has onboard video, I would remove every component and connection except for:


Set the onboard video active, and with only these components attached, see if it'll fire up. If it does, put the HDD back on and see if you can boot with it.

If not, then most likely there is a BIOS problem, and if you can't get to flashing it then your board may be toast.

If thats the case, you may wish to look for a replacement...and if it does come to that, I might recommend the Shuttle MK20N...same chipset, onboard video, and onboard sound and NIC. I've got one running a Duron800 and its never hung on me once.

(No AGP though...not sure if the A7V-VM had AGP...)

**Damit, I hit reset instead of reply :p**

Anyway, what I just typed in a shorter version it:

This board does not have on board video, but I did try PCI Video and have replaced all the hardware but the motherboard. So I know the problem is with the motherboard. I have seen people here with the same problem with the same motherboard in the past, but a search turns up nothing. I guess these are sheap enough that I will just buy a new board. Thanks for the suggestions Mike.... Billy