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Abit KT7A tricks for a gig

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Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
I've hit the wall with my Duron... running 1.85 vcore and 100x9.5....

won't post at any speed above 950, i.e. 101, 102, 103, 104 or 105 MHz FSB.

I upped the VIO to 3.5.... though unless someone tells me otherwise I dont think this is going to help the raw MHz problem

the PC100 ram is at 100 MHz right now, CAS3 so it's not a limiting factor I believe....

Seriously, I am SOOO close to a gig and all I want to know is if there is some sort of hack that doesn't require endangering my motherboard to up the voltage or some other way to get my processor to a gig.

You didn'y say what your temps were like. The cooler you can keep that core, the higher you are likely to be able to go with it.

I am using an FOP32 with the YS Tech 26 CFM fan and my idle temps are 31-32 C with load temps (running 3DMark) of 45 C. (as reported by MBM 5) Anyway I thought cooling was irrelevant if you can't post at the speed you want it to run @. What I need is more voltage. I think

I have a friend running the FOP32 with the Delta black label on a plain jane KT7 and he has the same problem.... same D700 chip.

I have pushed my Duron 700 over the 1GHz mark using a large generic fan (stable at 1020, posts at 1050 but no windows) at the maximum voltage on KT7. I have problems with cooling at those speeds. Today I modded the PSU and the case to get more airflow and reduced the overheating problem. I drilled 132 holes in the top of the PSU and mounted it upside down so it sucks the hot air around the CPU (my psu was one with vent holes only in front and back, not on the bottom)