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ACTUAL water cooling flowrates...... and your pump?

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Jun 22, 2001
I recently got my new parts in for a new system. I got an AXIA 1.2 Ghz Tbird. I decided to go with water cooling but went ahead and bought a cheap air cooler until my water cooling stuff got in. I didn't overclock it yet either. Anyway..... I had the system up and running with the air cooler, just fine. I put my water cooling system together and ran it at 1.2 with only 3 degrees Celsius cooler temps as with the cheapass air cooler. I saw a huge air bubble in one of the hoses though, right before disassembly...... but...... I went ahead and took off all the watercooling gear and slapped the air cooler back on. The next day, I got my water cooling stuff ready to go back into my case and went to take off the air cooler. Well...... I cracked my damned core!!! I wasn't using a shim at all, because I had never dealt with a heatsink that had SUCH A STIFF CLIP...... back to my main point of this post...... I have my water cooling rig setup outside my case, on the floor. I got all the air out of the system and ran a test to check my actual flowrate through the system. My results were consistent and pathetic. My actual flowrate is betweeen 24 and 26 gallons per hour!! ........ Have any of you measured you actual flowrates? What are your flowrates? What pump are you using? My pump is rated at 117 gallons per hour with no head. The max head is about 3 feet....... Thanks for you help.
Sorry about your Tbird. Those fellas designing the retention mechanisms should have done a better job -but too late, most likely you are going to hunt them down and skin them alive.

Yeah, your measurement of your pump's flow rate makes sense. Remember, pumps are rated in gph at NO HEAD LOSS, ie. no obstructions in flow. Once you have lots of tubing, connectors/joints, elevations, and a waterblock with internal fins, these will start to task the pump and it will, understandably, perform poorer. My 400gph@0 head pump only outputs 150gph -I've measured. If you were expecting 100gph for your water cooling setup, you should get a pump that can supply at least twice that in rating.
I wish I could express my true thoughts. In my personal experience, Rios stink. Look into a Danner or Eheim.
I have Rio 600, and the flowrate is awful. I have a full tower case, and my radiator is located in the top section, so my water must travel 2ft up. I watched the water flow back into the reservoir, and it's obvious the flow rate is really really low. The pump also does not start sometimes unless I give it a little whack. Stay away from it!