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FRONTPAGE Alphacool Announces Apex 17 W/mk Thermal Grease

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Nov 1, 1998
Recently Alphacool announced its Apex thermal grease with a rated thermal conductivity of 17 W/mk. This is considerably higher than the average, and anything rated above 8.5 W/mk is generally considered high performance. Alphacool accomplishes this by utilizing "nano-particles" with lower thermal impedance. The Apex Thermal Grease will be available at Alphacool's website for $15.62 and come in a four-gram syringe. Below is Alphacool's press release, along with additional specifications.
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A bit behind but these "nano particles" what type are they? is it graphite nano-particles, i could see that helping increase the W/mk.
I don't think they ever announced what the particle is made of. Graphite is a good of a guess as any.
This press release says more about the product than the product pages on the official website ;) ... they have it in their store if anyone wishes to order/test https://www.alphacool.com/shop/ther...29598/alphacool-apex-17w/mk-thermal-grease-4g

I haven't seen any significant difference between ~8W/mK and anything 11-14W/mK, so I'm not sure if it's even worth the order (1-2°C or something near, when results were about 90°C average). Liquid metal wasn't so much better to be worth all the problems with cleaning and possible reactions with various surfaces.
As long as it's interesting product then I simply don't expect it will magically reduce CPU/GPU temps. I bet that other brands will follow soon. Eventually it will replace worse solutions.