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AN35- no post, all fans on...Help?

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Mar 20, 2001
My second system:
Shuttle an35
2x256 MB PC2400 cas2 ddr ram
Athlon TBird 1.4 GHz
Geforce 4 MX
TDK Velocd burner
IBM 60 GB hd
Western Digital 20 GB drive

All of a sudden, this system, which had worked fine for two months after a new MoBo install, hung during post a couple of times and then nothing.
The power comes on, all fans turn, but no beeps, no video output, nothing.

I swapped the cpu for a new Duron 1.6. Same thing.

Any clues? Please?
Did this happen after any overclocking? I might post this in the technical forum you may get alot more help there.
No overclocking

This system was as 'stock' as you can get...

I'll repost in Technical forum as well, Thx.
Though I don't know what the problem is, my suggestion would be to pull everything but the video card, 1 stick of RAM, and see if you can get it to POST.

Though I've never tried it, some people have had luck taking the motherboard out of the case and laying it on an anti-static bag, and hooking it up that way.

Try the other stick of memory if it doesn't POST with the first.

If you can get it to POST barebones, then start hooking up the other components, and see if you can diagnose the problem.

Good luck!