Any advantages to G-sync over freesync?

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Jul 20, 2002
Is the only difference between Freesync and g-sync the extra cost associated with the Nvidia tech? Or is the Nvidia tech in anyway better than Freesync?


Mar 7, 2008
I'll give a quick summary of the non-premium versions as such:

FreeSync - to my understanding doesn't have many if any requirements other than variable refresh rate support. Older monitors often had limited working range. e.g. I have a 4k FreeSync display which from memory only works between 50-60 Hz.
G-sync Compatible - this seems to be the new normal as we move beyond original G-sync. To obtain this certification, there are image quality requirements that have to be met, as well as a minimum range of 2.4x between min and max supported fps.
G-sync (original) - uses additional hardware which allows the variable refresh rate to work down to 0 fps. Has image quality requirements. Downside was the extra cost in implementing this in monitors.

Good gaming displays now should be G-sync Compatible certified, and also works with FreeSync. No cost difference in that sense. There may be cheaper FreeSync only displays but they may be lower image quality.