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any Ideas?

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Jan 10, 2002
OK! I just put this thing together it is
XP1800 unlocked multiplyer.
MSI K7T266 PRO 2.
768 mb DDR [email protected](333mhz) [email protected]
WD 30gig HDD. (have a Maxtor 60gig 7200 not installed yet)
Radeon 8500.
SB 5.1 Livedrive thing.
ORB cooler. (blue&gold copper center on HS, 6000 rpm)
16X DVD.
16X10X40 CDRW.

ok I want to OC it , and I've tried it a few times and gotten it to come on as an XP2100+ but it doesn't seem very stable and that was with the settings of
1.85 V
can someone point me in the right direction of how I should go about doing this the correct way maybe not getting an XP2100+
but something more than an XP1800?
I'm open to all suggestions
this is the first board I've had with these options my previous was an ECS with nothing but FSB OCing.
also any Ideas on how to configure my memmory in the BIOS, all the settings for that are set to auto, will changing them increase or decrease and is having that stick of PC2100 helping or hurting the 2 @ 2700?

Thanks In Advance For Your Ideas and Help!
also how do i use this live bios thing? and I've been reading that 3.1 is the best for OCing? any light on this? and I'm not sure what bios is in this board.
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Big Daddy Bear Senior
May 16, 2001
Denver, CO
1st I would read all the beginners guides, especialy for memory. It is not a good idea to mix memory modules. I would get rid of the PC2100 and keep the good stuff (PC2700). Also the best O/C will be acheived with only 1 stick of memory, if you have 3 running then you are limiting yourself with your FSB.