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Any such animal?

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Oct 28, 2002
Ahhh, thats better...
Hey, my jumperless, auto FSB sensing (NON-overclockable) (Grrr) mother board will onnly support up to 500mhz (trust me). I have a Celeron 366 right now, If I'm gonna be stuck at 500 Mhz I at least want it to be a Pentium. is there such a thing as......

PIII 500Mhz (socket 370) ?

I will upgrade the Mother board a soon as cash permits, in the mean time...
I'm not totally sure if Intel made a P3 socket 370 chip, I used to have a P3 slot. There are slocket adapters that go from slot to socket, but I'm not sure if there are ones that work the other way around. Happy hunting man.
yes intel made s370 PIII cpu's.
have you been hiding under a rock? :p :p

and yes, they made a 500mhz s370 PIII. (500E)
yes, good point.
a lot of the older boards will only officially support up to a certain speed.
if you use a cpu of a higher speed, it should work, but may be identified wrongly.
OK, that raises another poimt, I WILL be upgrading My motherboard to something that supports 1ghz+, I would rather not Buy a PIII 500 now, and a 1Ghz CPU after the Upgrade. Lets say I buy a P3 800 (or so). If my mother board only "supports" 500Mhz, will the PIII 800 just run at 500 (or possibly faster) or will my board "not recognize" the PIII 800 because its too "Fast"

The Clereon 366 I have is running at 66Mhz FSB but I think it will support 100Mhx, i'm chacking onthat from toshiba.

Sandra says my board will run 66/100mhz, but sindra also thinks my board has a Slot 1 expansion (which it doesn't)

I would rather buy A PIII 800 and have it run slow on my board then just move it to my new board when I get it
I'd say, wait up a while, buy a new mobo and a tully.... very cheap solution, lotsa tweaking, lotsa power.. very friendly..

Cheers, flixotide
the specs won't help

GVC/BCM DR742 (also called IN810), they sell MOBOs for packaged PC's mines a Toshiba v3100 from peoplepc. they don;t sell directly to teh public so their support coonsists of a forum www.bcmcom.com where a bunch of ****ed off people rant about how these MobOs suck ***.

Toshiba support (on compuserve) has told many people that 500Mhz is the fastest, my question is, assuming my Mobo runs at 66mhx, will a P3 866 just run slow (500Mhz) on my board at 66mhz until I upgrade the board or will the MoBo (MoFo) not even recongnize my cpu. don't want to buy a CPU (500Mhz) for this board then a new one (1.?Ghz) later if an 866Mhz P3 will run on my current 66FSB (100?) board.
that will depend mainly if your mobo can supply the correct voltage for a coppermine CPU. Your celeron runs on 2.0V while the coppermine chips are roughly 1.5-1.75V

You might also need one of these

the upgrade is not worth it in my opinion with that crappy mobo. I recommend getting a Tualatin celeron and a new mobo or just get a cele 500.
Like deez said your mobo supports at least Katmai-core with 2.0V (there should be upto 533Mhz Katmai-celerons and upto 600Mhz Katmai-P3 slot-1)

If u're maxing out @66FSB, then 1,4Ghz tualatin celeron (100fsb) would give you 933Mhz with adapter. So 933Mhz is the max. for your mobo if supports only 66FSB.
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