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Classicplatforms Spring Classic

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Beamed Me Up!
Jun 9, 2013
I'll put this here. Happy to have all of you there. :)

Classic Platform’s 2015 Spring Classic

The competition is open to all interested, the challenge is to use both AMD & Intel CPUs with long established benchmarks, possibly winning a prize or two, hopefully having a little fun and definitely meeting like minded benchers.

Overall, AMD + Intel each bench will have an Intel and AMD submission for a minimum total of ten, sum of the five best AMD and Intel submissions determines bencher’s ranking / placement.

The long time between the posting of the competition and the start is to allow those interested lacking the needed hardware time to procure same.

Permitted CPUs

Brisbane, Orleans, Santa Ana & Windsor (Socket AM2) – Any Socket 939

Conroe, Allendale and their Xeon equivalents (Sockets 775-Conroe & 771-Woodcrest)


SuperPi 1m
SuperPi 32m
wPrime 32m
wPrime 1024m

Mother Board Limits

Single Socket Only

Cooling Limits


Run time

00:00:00 EST, March 1, 2015 – 24:00:00 EST, April 4, 2015

Rules / Restrictions

Member Classic Platform’s Forum & Registered Before The Start of The Competition
Benches, HWBot Standard
Screen Shots, HWBot Standard w/ Competition Back Ground (Back Ground Will Be Posted February 28, 2015)
Must Compete In All Ten Benches To Be Considered To Select Prizes
In The Case of A Tie:
-Benches, First Submitted
-Overall AMD / Intel, First Submitted PiFast Time Used In Final Calculation
-Overall AMD + Intel, First Submitted AMD PiFast Time Used In Final Calculation
No Posting Of Comments / Questions In The Competition Thread, A Discussion Thread Will Be Provided
Please Place At The Top of Your Submissions, (Time or Score / Bench /CPU Flavor / Name)


Overall, AMD - 1st place only 4 x Athlon 64 ADA3800IAA4CW [2]
Overall, Intel - 1st place only 4 x Celeron 450 (SLAFZ) [2]
Overall, AMD + Intel prizes awarded for 1st through 5th places

1st = Four Picks, four different categories
2nd = Three Picks, three different categories
3rd = Three Picks, three different categories
4th = Three Picks, three different categories
5th = Three Picks, no category restrictions

As a sub competition the AMD PiFast submission that holds first place for the longest time can choose from
or have all remaining prizes after first through fifth have made their selection.

Mother Boards;
A: Asus P5W DH Deluxe (Post)
B: Asus P5W DH Deluxe (Post)
C: Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe (Post)
D: Raspberry Pi, Model B, w/ 8GB Kingston SD, Power Supply, Case & Heat Sinks [4]
E: FIC VA-503+, AMD K6-2 350 & 3 Sticks Micron 256 MB PC133 CL3 (Post)
F: Asus P5Q3 (Post)

A: Core 2 Duo, E6320 (SLA4U) E6550 (SLAAT) E6600 (SL9S8)
B: Athlon 64, 3 x ADA3700DAA5BN, 2 x (KACAE), 1 x (KAB2E) [2]
C: Pentium Dual Core, 3 x E2180 (SLA8Y) [2]
D: Core 2 Duo, E6550 (SLA9X) E6600 (SL9ZL) E6750 (SLA9V)
E: Athlon 64, ADH164BIAA4DP (HAA9G), Athlon 64 X2, ADA3800IAA5CU (LDB4F), ADA4200IAA5CU (LEDBF)
F: Intel, 486 DX2 66, Pentium 100, PII Slot 1 450, Not Tested

A: PC2-8000, 1 Pair, G-Skill F2-8000CL5D-2GBPK, 2.0-2.1v
B: PC2-6400, 2 Sticks, Crucial Ballistix, BL6464AA804.8FD3
C: PC2-6400, 1 Pair, Patriot PDC22G6400LLK, 2.1v
D: PC1-3200, 3 Sticks, Corsair CMX-3200XL XMS3208v1.1
E: PC1-3200, 2 Sticks, Kingston KHX4000/512R, new, in display packaging
F: PC1-3200, 1 Pair, OCZ EL Platinum Rev. 2 OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K

Video Cards;
A: ATI FireGL V5100 128MB PCIe
B: 3dfx Voodoo2 8mb PCI w/ cable, to be used in conjunction with 2D video card [1]
C: Sapphire HD6950 Dirt 3 Edition, card only
D: 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP
E: 1 x Trident JA-8232D/V5 ISA, 1 x Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 2MB PCI, 1 x STB Systems 16MB AGP #210-0348-001
F: 2 x XFX 7900 GTs PCIe

A: RAID Controller, Dell (PERC) 5/i w/ RAM, 256MB, 1R x 16 PC2-3200R (Qimonda) [2]
B: CPU Water Block, Koolance, CPU-300-V10 (Sockets 462, 478 & 370) [3]
C: GPU Water Block, Swiftech, MCW60-T [3]
D: Creative Sound Blaster Pro 2 (ISA), Not Tested
E: 1 x Dell E2K-UCS-51 (B) SAS RAID Controller, PCIe & 1x Dell 36849, Adaptec AHA-2940U2W Ultra2 SCSI Controller Card, PCI, Not Tested
F: Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision, monitor mount video camera [1]

(Post) MB posted, complete history not known
[1] Complete functionality at retirement, climate controlled storage, Not Tested
[2] Ebay purchase, never used
[3] Retail purchase, open box, never used
[4] If requested will format & install NOOBS, if not, formatted only

I have personally used two of the MBs for HWBot submissions, (P5W DH Deluxe & Asus P5Q3)

Shipping is limited only by country of origin restrictions
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