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Anybody got an unlocked XP2100?

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Jul 8, 2002
Northern KY
If you do how did you unlock and what multipliers do you have?

Any little bit of info would be nice to read and know.

Also, I'm curious to see how high the 2100's have got.


Jun 22, 2002
Macomb Twp, Michigan
Dont buy a 2100+ if you can adviod it. I have one and in order to unlock the thing you have to cut bridges.. i cut 4 of them before it was descovered that you only had to cut one. :( Anyways the trick is to to reverse the L10 bridges.. theres 2 of them and all ya gota do is cut the one that is already connected and connect to one thats not. Plus you also have to connect all the L1's also like any other XP chip.

No other XP CPUs that amd came out with did ya ever have to cut bridges to unlock the multipliers.

To cut the bridge you will have to be very carefull and use either an fine engraving tip on a dremel tool or something else.. Some people said that they used a regular cox cutter knife but i couldnt cut it with that... But if ya already have one and ya have to cut the bridge... be carefull to only cut the bridge right at the middle of the bridge.. and then test the bridge to see if its making contact still with a multimeter... First test it on a connected bridge then the one ya cut... There should be no reading or very very little if any.

Remember just cut it enough to seperate the bridge, dont go put a big divit in your cpu that may harm it.

Oh and about my overclock... Not to good really... Max i ever got it stable was at 1930 and that was with water cooling.. Might of done better at the time if i had done a volt mod to the vcore to crank it up to 2.0v.

On air i've got it up to 1875Mhz stable.. i'd say if ya can go with the 2400+ since they overclock alot better and are easy to unlock and are the verson B TBread that run much cooler then the version A Tbread.


Senior Member
May 10, 2002
Los Alamos, NM
There are some pretty good threads that were a few months back dealing with unlocking the 2100. Do a search and see if you can turn them up. :cool: