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Anyone know where I can get...

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ah i think i do but there like expensive i dont rember were i saw it but any way i saw a blue led u can use just go to the electronics store and buy a blue ultra bright led and get a 250 ohms reistor.
deathscythe9919 said:
Super Blue,or Super White 5V Led's? I want to make some USB lights and dont want to hassle with using Resister's.


he doesnt want to use resistors ... :p
"and dont want to hassle with using Resister's."

Umm.. that "hassle" might prevent the LED's from exploding. Simple electronics tells us, not only does the volage matter but the amperage matters greatly. If you attach a LED straight up to power supply you run the risk of burning it out or blowing the LED up... do NOT do this... get a resistor into the mix.. 1/2 watt..
Ya,Ive heard about over-volting an LED and it pops...That would not be cool.So what resister do u recommend for a 3.5v normal (4.0v max) LED?

In other words to go from 5v(USB) to 3.5V...