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Anyone use the Blizzard water cooling kit?

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Feb 16, 2001
From overclockershideout.com. It seems like a nice setup for someone new to water cooling or just wants all the pieces together. Any comments on this product? I'm thinking about getting one.
Ya I'm gonna go with a BeCooling/Dangerden combo. That Blizzard kit is a joke.
What BeCooling gear? You arn't going to mix aluminum and copper are you?
Its true that using Aluminum and Copper in the same system could cause a battery effect, resulting in corrosion but BeCooling sells Purple Ice which is proven to be better than Redline to prevent corrosion from occuring. However if you're really concerned about corrosion add some antifreeze.
Redline doesn't prevent corrosion...it basicaly increases the heat transfer properties of water...anti-freeze is what prevents corrosion
I'm gonna try and select my own stuff thats all copper of course. I really like the dangerden blocks will probably wait for the new one.
I would not buy anything from a vendor that mixes copper and aluminum. As for Be, the flashy, over priced reservoir they sell features a wimpy submerged pump that adds heat to the stystem.
I heard they are good but I'm pretty sure the kit mixes aluminum with copper. Also if you look at the shipping it says 2 weeks. There ppl that have ordered in Dec and still waiting. Right now I'm looking at

Maze2 Block from dangerden (Love the design and the new mounting sceme)
The Cooling Cube also from dangerden its big enough for me
Eheim 1048
No reservoir
1..water wetter and purple ice both contain anti corrosives to curb electrolosis (battery effect)

2.. when you use a submersible pump ,you are removing the heat of the pump with water (water cooled pump) ,if you think a metal pump body exposed to air transfers heat better than submerging it in water and cooling with a radiator ,,,go on girl and get some ,,the heat has to go somewhere ,its not all gonna radiate off the pump body

3..purple ice MIGHT eat rubber O-rings ,but dont quote me on that ,,I'm still testing it out ,but I have been killing pumps since I switched over from water wetter