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Aquaduct 720XT worth it?

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Nov 29, 2014
Okay, So I am working on a decent Gaming/Benchmarking rig.
(Still don't know too much about benchmarking, but I do know you want to keep your stuff cold!)
For a while I was going to try to build a custom loop from scratch, but the value of my components
and being a beginner at water loops I decided that might not be the best idea.

While looking around in strange places I ran across the Aquaduct 720XT Mach 5.
Now this thing is just a monster, and with a hefty price tag as well, but that's not really an issue.
I plan on running it to my CPU and GPU ( The build furthest right in my tag)
I also plan on replacing the 1 1080 with 1080Ti s once they are released.
(I know way over kill for anything I could possibly ever need, but I want a monster)

So my question is, is there a better way to keep this all cool, or is this a reasonable route?
If not, any suggestions? Thanks for your time!


Senior Pink Member
Sep 13, 2015
I cannot speak to that exact unit as I have never seen it in person but for the price tag it seems to be a little overpriced. The only thing it has going for it in my opinion is that it looks pretty good. My worries for a system like that is replacing parts when they fail.

You can build something similar for about the same price if not cheaper and get better performance. If you get a big radiator and mount it and a pump on a stand external to your case and put quick connects on the case and hoses it will also allow you to use system for multiple setups if you really get into benching.

This is the radiator I use.