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Are ASUS reported temps really 7-10C too high?

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I just read the article on the front page about water cooling a Duron with a bong setup. The part that inpsired this post, was when it was mentioned by the author that he has heard that ASUS temps are 7-10C higher than they really are. i.e. a reported temp of 50C by the mobo could really be between 40 and 43C.

Is this true? I just put on a nicely lapped globalwin wbk, as II, another case fan, and a high CFM sunon on the wbk, yet my temps are still 51C (900@1066)....does that mean my temps are actually lower?

I guess this surprised me becuase I've always read that mobo thermistors usually read low.

I think my CUSL2-C is reporting accurate temps. I have bios ver.1006a. I have a indoor/outdoor sensor probe taped to the back of my video card that I use to monitor the card temp and the ambient temp. The reading on the vid card temp immediately after coming out of sleep mode is within 1 degC of what Asus Probe reports as the mobo temp. I guess it just varies from one board to another.
dude, AMD chips (until the athlon 4) dont have an internal thermal probe. Theres a thingey sticking out of the board touching the chip. Out temps are all inaacurate!!!!! think about that!! so teh athlon4 might not be bringign the temps down 20%, it jus t might be a BIT (lol) moe accurate. The less power i can vouch for, i dont wanna buy another PSU, 250 is good for me.
With my a7v133 it definitely reported temps too high. Check your temps then reboot and check them in the bios hardware monitor if there is a big difference you have the problem the author described. Not every motherboard even of the same type has this glitch. Motherboard monitor 5.05 works much better for me. :)
You know...I did notice that when I was OC'ing, PCprobe would report 50C but when I'd reboot to change settings in the BIOS I'd look at the hardware monitor and it'd be lower...I didn't think things would cool off that fast, lol.

I cant think of how much, but I do remember noticing that...will have to check it when I get home....ARGH! LONG DAY AT WORK ITS BEEN! lol

I'm glad I can multi-talk :)