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ASUS ROG STRIX TRX40-E motherboard panel connection question?

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Jun 21, 2022
ASUS ROG STRIX TRX40-E motherboard panel connection question?

I have the panel connectors are plugged in and the front panel power light and reset light is light but the power or reset button won't turn?

Below is a picture I am trying to make sure it is plugged in right and also it kind of looks like when I zoom in it looks on the right side where it is plugged in it looks like it may be missing a 3 pin connector?

If so I am trying to figure out why the power and reset button is not working?

Thanks for your help!


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It's hard to see in your picture but I believe your power button connector may be off by one pin. Verify that it is connected to the top right two pins on the front panel connector. Note: the top right corner is missing a pin so it will be set inboard by one pin distance.


The reset will go directly below the power connector.

You should double-check to make sure it's plugged in properly. Front panel power and reset are 2-pin headers as you can see from the diagram above.

EDIT: After looking closer, I agree that both are not plugged in correctly. For power, when it's plugged in correctly, you should only see TWO pins available on the top row. The reset button should also be offset one pin from the right edge and leave two empty pins to the left. So yeah, from that terribad pic, it looks like you didn't plug them in right. See the diagram from your manual above, correct it, and you should be all set.
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