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ASUS V8170 Geforce 4 MX440?

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Burning Phoenix

Jul 3, 2001
Schenectady NY
Has anyone had any experience with this card. Good overclocking card? Good performance and reliable? I was thinking about buying it from Newegg.com for $115.
I don't have experience with it but I gotta suggest staying away from the GF4mx line. They're just rebadged GF2's.

Spend a little more and buy a Radeon 8500 or GF3 Ti200. It'll be well worth it. Or maybe look into the Ti4200 coming out. They really rock, but it'll be a bit higher price.
i have one

and i must say i am happy with it allright it is not a TI but then again it cost a lot less and even if yes it is a pump up GF2 this one from asus as something cool with it since it emulate vertex and pixel shader and it also offer good performance and also i know a TI is good but then again they cost a lot more and also when the card you had before was a radeon ve (oc:175core/175sdram mem)and you end up with a GF4 mx440(oc:290core/420ddram mem)it really feel and look a lot better ,so sure if you have the money to spend go for it GF4 TI4600 you will be king of the hill!!!!!!!!
i don't really care to much for all the video performance of video cards any ways and don't use it. I just like to get a reasonabily price newer card which i can play around by overclocking it. This card for it's price has descent gpu/memory speeds. I'm thinking with good cooling i could get it up to 500 on the memory end.
that is good thinking

way to go , this is good logic , cus like i am telling you mine is giving plenty of gaming pleasure and performance
I got a GF4 MX440, mine is good. Its not as fast as my friends GF3 Ti500, but I am the one with 200$ to spare ;) With the new 28.32 drivers it looks even better. Mine is at 285MHz Core, 415MHz RAM
as long as it is allright

cus like i am always telling my friend as long as it is not laggingand that the grafix look better than before i mean hey thats cool with me