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Athalon XP and PC133 RAM

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Oct 28, 2002
Ahhh, thats better...
Does anyone have any suggestions on good overclocking boards for an Athalon XP 1600 that uses PC133 RAM?
Not too Expensive
I don't have the MoBo OR the CPU YET

I have @ 512MEG in various amounts, that I just don't want to waste.
I was thinking that I can just get a PURE DDR board when its time to make the move to DDR, which will be quite a while.:burn:

varying amounts of ramski>

if you are planning on mixing and matching different manu's with the ramski, you could be running into probs.

just be prepared. AMD boards are more finicky on ram than the Intel boards.

good luck.

The problem with any mobo that has both PC133 and DDR support is of course, you're limited to two slots of any type which can suck if you already have RAM and don't have the resources to buy one higher capacity stick.

You're really going to be crippling an XP with PC133 memory (especially a higher speed XP, like 1700+ or faster). BUT for a budget solution it's a pretty good idea and it really won't feel very slow at all in most apps. In fact you'd probably only notice the difference in benchies and maybe some of the more demanding games. By the time a mid-speed XP on PC133 RAM feels geniunely slow, the fast stuff at the time will be all new technology so you might as well just get a PC133-only board (one with more slots), and plan on tossing it in a year or two. If you already have RAM it shouldn't cost much.

And with the price drops the last few days, go for a 1700+ instead of a 1600+. Might as well.

JetMech said:
The ECS K7S5A will also use PC133 (two sticks) and will allow you to upgrade later to DDR. $53.00 at Newegg.com. You will need to install the overclock bios if you intend to overclock it.

Wheres the overclocker bios?
Another decent one that's still avaliable is the gig-byte 7zxe. Only $100 cnd so $60ish US. The k7s5a isn't a really good o/c board unless you do some moding and then you still limited. k7s5a is a stable board though.