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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
I would like to listen to my local radio stations on my computer.
I have tried real cast and it lists my stations, it works and I can listen to them.
real cast has shovelware in it and I don't like that, ask toolbar and such.
what apps do you use and what apps do you like that I can try?

Hmmm.....I had the app on my phone.
Never tried the site due to the phone experience.
my local radio stations don't appear on I heart radio, any others?
Itunes carries a bunch of Podcasts and *I think* radio stations. Its worth a shot anyway. Many of the free music players (winamp/music bee/ etc) will have an internet radio option. I am not sure which (if any) will do local broadcasts though
my local radio stations don't appear on I heart radio, any others?

If they don't show up on iHeartRadio it's because they're not digital.
You'll need to set up the device with an FM antenna and tuner to be able to get them.
but my very old tuner from the 70's died, it had nice, big knobs and buttons and a little needle that moved left and right when you twisted the knob and had all the right scratches that you lined the little needle up with to make it easy to find all the stations I have ever listened to in my life, wshe in Miami, dc101 in dc.
now I'll have to remember numbers instead of which scratch to line the little needle with and it won't say "radio shack" on it........ I finna cry...............
COOL!!! the little be has applied her pornographic memory to my problem and says one of my top end, giant, mega systems is in the storage unit, she says she remembers because she looked through my tons of records!!!!!
I might yet be saved!!!!!!!

off to storage!!!!!!
I don't know, she always tells me about the times she filmed with.... well we'll just let that go for now as the only porn star I can think of is pia Zadora.........

I found the old system in storage, this one has not held up so well, a Harmon Kardon, quadraphonic kit, that might date it a bit, but I also found my old blaupunkt, berlin car radio of about the same vintage!!!!
You joke about dating it, but my sound system is based on a Mitsubishi M-AV3.
Other hardware is a Mitsubishi LT-162 turn table and a 5-disc CD changer that I don't have a model number for.
Speakers are SS-4100 (12", 2", and 1/2" in each tower) and rear speakers are M-S52 (4" and 2" in each bookshelf).

Picture isn't quite up to date. I've moved the WiiU, added an Xbox One, put the turntable back in, and removed the HTPC since this was taken.

you also moved in to a new house, right??

this system is stone dead, decades in storage have taken another.
I really wanted to do in the sound system anyway so the great internet search goes on....

nice kit!!!
my cd storage are 2 sony megastorage 200 disk units, these things are as old as the hills and still give no trouble.

- - - Updated - - -

here is the link to the listen live page http://www.wdun.com/listen/

could someone give it a try so I can see if it might be something I have set wrong in ie or fire fox of if it's the stream.
and you need to be listening to this guy, if you're a bit on the nancy side don't click it, you are warned.
Not yet, still looking for a house.

Thanks man, they're older than I am, dad bought them new.

I hear the stream just fine on the link.
then it's in my Ie settings., thanks.
a little advice on the house, no firkin stairs!!!
I prefer a ranch very much over anything else.
That said, if it's two stories I won't mind if the master/laundry are on the first floor.
I've had the pleasure of meeting, seeing and speaking with you, if your girlfriend is even close, you need a bunch of rooms to fill, it'd be good for the gene pool.

I still can't get it to work on this rig, I'll have to bring home another to give it a try, on Saturdays I like to listen to homegrown.