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Best hsf for amd 1ghz?

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Feb 13, 2001
Anyone got suggestion for best hsf for amd 1ghz cpu? money is no object. I heard there is the chrome orb and alpha pal 6035 that do a good job on socketA CPU, which is better?
If you get the Alpha 6035, get one with a delta fan.
The FOP 38 is also a great HSF for the price, However, Any HSF with a delta is loud. if you want something quiet, the Fop 32-1, or the super orb is good. I have also been hearing good thigs about thermaltakes new Volcano II.
tweak:is the super orb any better than alpha pal 6035?

Bigwave:are you also using delta fan? what your CPU temp and whole case temp with case close..and how much is it above room temp?
I'm using YS Tech 27cfm fan on my alpha,I had a lapped Gorb[same as chrome orb with different clip],and going with the alpha has dropped my cpu idle temps from 27[gorb] to 21c[alpha] and under load 40c[gorb] to 33c[alpha], My case temp is pretty steady at 22c with a room temp of 21c.[case closed]

I've also heard NOT so good things about the Super Orb,compared to the Alpha!
The Super Orb is ok for stock cooling and moderate overclocking. The Alpha is superior regardless of which fan is used. Sanyo Denki, Sunon, YS Tech, and Delta as the most common fans used.
I use the super orb. It tops out at 39-40 after running seti or 3dmark all night long.
900mhz T-Bird

Im probably going to try water cooling in the future, and I didn't want to blow alot on a fan because of that. The super orb was 16 bucks, but I had to cut the fins to get it to fit.

The FOB-38 is supposed to be the best of all fans on the market I hear, it has a 7000rpm fan on it, but is supposedly loud.
If I were going to overclock the hell out of something, I would get the FOP-38 and be done with it, if your going to use aircooling.
Ok, I think I'm set on two hsf. The global win FOP 38 and Alpha Pal6035, the FOP 38 seem to have higher speed but its also the noisiest. Noise is a concern for me but I don't know if the noise worth the extra fan speed?

Also how come no one mention the Alpha pep66, it's more expensive than other two but no one seem to care. Again if you got something else that's better please tell. Thanks
You will find that alot of people talk out of their A$$. The key to good cooling also depends on proper case ventilation and room temps as well as the HSF, and proper installation of thermal compound. Their are many variables. My case sits inside my desk cabinet with little to no ventilation. How much are you looking to spend, how much do you want to OC it?
Thermal take Super Orb is good for moderate overclocking and is like $15, The new Thermaltake Volcano II is a good quiet cooler, and is fairly cheap.
The Alphas rock with delta fans. The Swiftechs are ok too. Just remember, Proper Ventilation, installation, ect..
I think with my new case, air ventilation is not a problem for me. I got 2 intake fan on the side to pull in cool air, one in the front bottom also pull in cool air and 1 on top of case for exhaust fan blowing. All I need now is a good HSF, that's it.

I don't think i'll go with the fop 38 cause the fan is so loud. But I can get a quieter fan and replace it, my question is the heat sink, is the fop 38 heatsink better than the pal6035 or swiftech, or even the volcanoII for that matter?. If the fop38 heatsink is superioer I can just buy it and replace the fan right? I'm assuming that all fan will fit.
my fop 38 cools my 1.2ghz 10C cooler than the 6035 with the sunon. Like I said if you get the Alpha get one with a Delta fan, and it will be just as loud as the Fop 38, which is not too loud people tend to stretch the truth. It has a noticable hum. Most of us already have several case fans in our boxes, I doubt it will bother you.
And yes the Alpha 6035 heatsink is better,but will only perform better than the fop 38 with a delta fan.
Please let me URGE you NOT to use the Orb.

I had a Chrome Orb on my 950 thunderbird, and temps were always at around 58-59 at no load. Had to try something else.

I went with a GlobalWin Fop32-1 (Wasn't fond of the noise level the 38 had) and my temps are now at 42-44C. Close to a 20 degree temp difference!!

Yup, I now have a really neat looking paperwieght for the office!

Just my experience, wish I could find the damned reciept!

Run-em Cool
Globalwin's fop-32-1 is the FOP-38 with a quieter fan works ok check some of the other sites for HSF reviews I have seen a lot recently Volcano supposed to be good too..One thing on the FOPS the ones I have received really REALLY need lapping run your fingernail across the bottom and you can feel the ridges--however I have 4 FOP-38's and 5 Fop_32-1's on Various machines Lapped of course...My 2c

excerpt from

Cooler Idle Temp Load Temp
FOP32 76/25 118/48
FOP38 75/24 109/43
WBK38 75/24 107/42

(Temps listed as Fahrenheit/Celsius)

**Note, our temperatures were taken on the CPU IN THE CASE! Please don't try to compare these results to other reviews where they used an open air motherboard for the benchmarking. While you will see ultimate temperatures different, the comparative results should closely align with yours and other webmasters if taken accurately and with a stable ambient temperature.**
Do you use the same fan for all the HS? If not can you tell me what fan did you use?

I just ordered the Alpha Pal 6035 with the sunon 23.5cfm fan for my amd1ghz tbird, what do you guys think..did I made the right choice?
vantec vantec vantec.....she's got the best clip, great heatsink, and will do even better if u slapped the gw or delta black label 7k fan on it. yahhhhhh

good luck

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