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Best MB for new P4-3.06, money doesn't matter. OC gurus?

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May 23, 2002
Hey guys, I'm posting this in the Abit Board section because;
1. You guys are probably the best OC'ers I've ever found.
2. You steered me to get the TH7-II Raid (great call!!!)
3. Most of you know more about the other boards than some of the posters in their respective sections.
4. I trust you guys.
5. I've been trying to research this over the last few days and am more confused than before.
Ok, enuff blowing smoke up your butts.

Here are some specifics (looks like Granite Bay is out, but I wasn't decided on it anyway. Love my Rambus):
*New CPU P4-3.06 and would like HT support
*Would prefer to stay Rambus 1066, but DDR is ok
*Want something that OC's well
*Would like to lock the PCI/AGP when OCing.
*Don't need Raid (all SCSI) or 8xAGP
*doesn't matter what it costs.

I have the Prometeia and want to OC, I've done the VID mod and am not too afraid to try to max out the board, but I'm not skilled enough to try replacing ICs or VoltModding (I'm only good at simple mods and playing around with the BIOS). I've had the P4 2.4 since May and I'm bored. Time to upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


May 23, 2002
Yeah, with the link I saw this morning I think I HAVE to go with Granite Bay, either the Abit or Asus version (hopefully Abit).

Early Scoop on the Granite Bay from Asus:

With the Prometeia it's really a pain to change MB/CPU, otherwise I'd probably get the Asus P4T333-C in the meantime. Oh well, just have to be patient a little longer.....