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Best Prebuilt pc in $1200-1600 range

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Oct 2, 2016
Hi all! Thanks for reading and offering your help , much appreciated.

My Friend is looking for Prebuilt pc in $1200-1600 budget. No gaming really, just browsing many tabs in multiple monitors. Some light gaming (poker software). Mostly just browsing , email, tabs galore. Bigger ATX case is fine too. Size isn’t an issue. Best deals you guys know about would be great! Most bang for buck with reasonable quality preferred.

Any idea for what type of PC would be perfect? I got him a prebuilt years back that worked fine and if things go wrong I’m happy to fix / replace parts for him. So it doesn’t have to be a dell or a PC with a. Strong warranty. He prefers win10 but win11 okay too.
He suggested this prebuilt but not sure on the brand reliability and the value here :

Thanks so much guys ! Let me know if you have any other questions. Much appreciated as always!

Cheers, C
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I haven't used that brand directly but thinking it's a little disjointed for your friend. Like a dedicated GPU and last Gen CPU? It just feels unbalanced for what your friend is doing.

What it sounds like your friend needs is a mid level modern CPU, a fair bit of RAM, and not much else.

Not trying to insult your friend but using my grandmother as a comparison. She checks email, weather, has a bridge game she plays weekly with friends.

We got her a $500 HP *years* ago. It's a Skylake i3 with 8gb RAM and a 256gb SSD, still does fine.

I know you're saying an ATX build, but you could probably get your friend a higher end NUC, with a high end i5 or low end i7, 16-32 gigs of RAM and a decent nvme drive and he'll be good for years for under a grand.
Agreed with @freakdiablo , that budget is about 700+ more than it needs to be. A simple workstation machine from Dell or Lenovo would be more than sufficient if they aren't doing any real gaming that requires GPU processing
Hey guys, thanks so much for the responses.

I did know that $500-$1k would be fine for his build, but I htink he wants it to last 5+ years. His current comp is about 5-6 years old and cost $1400 at the time, so i thought that would be a good start.

I would counter and say that i've seen his tendencies and he has whatsapp, signal, telegram, and probably 50-100 tabs open at any given time which slows the hell out of his computer. Obvioiusly that's a ram issue, but I think spending $1k+ is justified -- he's definitely more of a power user than your grandma :) But yes indeed, no gaming besides the light poker / gambling applications (nothing 3d that requires a powerful GPU)

I'll link some builds here below that look attractive that are less intensive on the GPU and more intensive on the RAM / processor and see what you guys think. Thanks again

Best, C
ok i am a bit confused by your post, i get your friend wants a OEM pc. your going to replace/fix parts, your better off building the PC then. any OEM is not just going to send you parts to replace on your own. either someone MIGHT come out to replace parts after talking to tech support on the phone or your taking it to some authorized repair place. if you friend is playing online porker or any online game a dedicated gpu is not needed. if he is going to game might list out some of the games for better suggestions. Going off what you said alone, amd with IGP or intel with IGP, at least a quad core or push it with 6 cores, at least 32gb of ram. you said a lot of tabs while web browsing so that is a good starting point. im at 16gib on mine with the new web browser updates it became a ram hog, i need to got up to 32gb, since i also game while watching/listening to videos. Prices are roughly the same, some times you can find great deals on M.2 SSD's. Going with a cpu that has a IGP, you do not have to worry about it over heating or as bad vs say having a dedicated gpu near it. That is one of the reason's why i do not head that direction fully. SATA ssd is going to be more then fast enough to handle the web browsing and any gaming really that is web based.

IF you really do go OEM, brand wont matter. they all use the cheapest power supplies they can. if its a dedicated GPU that is OEM branded, in some cases the card is cut down. mostly what i like about oem's is it's built/windows already loaded/the way the case looks. like they said as well that is way more money then for his needs. these would be my suggestions for him and in order of my picks.