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Bitboys article...........well not really...check out the size of that chip

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Jun 14, 2002
Hampton Roads. VA
Do you guys remeber them? I know I do. They are arguable the king of vaporware. But I guess it isn't all their own fault. Here goes an article that talks about why none of their products made it to the market.

Alot of it is sad reading of what could have been, but the picture of the chip on the AXE board is HUGE. that 12MB of embedded memory the reason why i guess.




Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
that's an interesting article, thanks for the linkage! :D

But I don't feel sorry for them one bit. The gist of the article, as I read it:

Bitboys makes a chip with so many errors, it needs to be reworked.

While reworking the chip, they lose a court battle for stealing someone else's designs, and have to shelve everything.

Then they make their next chip, but boo-hoo, nobody will fab it for them. Hmm, AMD, ATi, nVidia, and many others have no problems finding somebody to help em make components....:D

The next chip, Axe, was so bug riddled it took months to prepare it for market. By the time it's ready, it's too outdated to bother selling.

Next, falling DRAM prices force Infineon to kick Bitboys to the curb, killing their hope for an embedded EDRAM board.

Finally, they run out of money and just give up, switching to the PDA market.

Sorry, but this is just one big comedy of errors. Sounds like Bitboys made one poor decision after another. The real question: 3DFX misses one product cycle, and is forced to sell out to their biggest competitor. Bitboys misses EVERY product cycle since their inception, and they stay in business? How is this possible??:eh?:


Jul 14, 2002
Kingman, KS
The sony PS2 chip is about that size, maybe bigger. I hade to open up the PS2 to install a Mod Chip, so thats how i know.