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blinkin red PS3

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Jan 13, 2005
ok so a friend of mine has a PS3 that recently and amazingly on time to start blinking red. its an October 2007 made model, close to release but not launch.

we've read that its a hard drive problem most of the time but every now and again its "other". he got a WD Scorpio Blue 320 gig drive and its still doing it, being out of warranty, factory and extended, i took it apart blew some stuff out of it, tightened the heatsink plates checked over the PSU.

i think it could be a bad PSU but i am unable to get this unit open, its not a full metal case style PSU its got metal tangs that clip into the plastic base that i cant get un done.

any way, its not blinkin yellow so in theroy the chips and such are in good shape and hasnt overheated ala RROD. but its pretty useless as it. some times it'll show the PS3 boot up but it doesent last long. we managed to get the game out of it too durring that time so its no hurry to return a game.

i also tried to get to debug menu but its not wanting to go. it'll boot and beep twice and thats it, nothing displayed so i'll check and see if its a bad cable too (possible but i doubt).

any way i think its a 60 gig hooked up via HDMI