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Broadwell E initial testing results

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I would say it's even worse than 5820K while comparing cpu frequency. There is 300MHz difference.
In previous testing of the consumer chips for non-ram limited, FPU intensive workloads, I found Broadwell about 6% slower than Haswell (per clock, per core). I never managed to explain why. Presumably this would follow in the -E chips.

Without knowing the exact clock speed the CPUs were operating under in the above, it makes it hard to tell much other than Cinebench seems to scale within 1% assuming clocks of 3.7 and 3.4 GHz (100 MHz above base for 4 cores active). I've not really done much with Cinebench but it seems a pretty undemanding CPU benchmark and scales well.
It looks like the difference in speed is directly related to the clock frequency?
Again, look at HWMONITOR... they were both run at the same clockspeed. He also confirms that later in the thread.
Don't know much about Intel, but the temps look good at that 4.2ghz OC on the 6850, albeit for the short tests and no idea what they used to cool it either.
Other tests showed about 10% difference in CineB at the same clockspeeds. Super Pi wasn't a huge difference.

EDIT: That link is to the same pictures. Bart, look at the clockspeeds in Hwmonitor, they are clock for clock that testing. ;)

Yes, you are right. I saw max CPU ratio limit at lower values in CPU-Z what usually means that CPU can't go higher. Anyway Cine is showing nice improvement while Spi not really.

I guess that now all depends how these chips will overclock. 8 core+ are way too overpriced and won't be popular for sure. I don't mean these 10 guys on the forums who will flood threads with overclocked 10 core chip but as a general % of sales.
Chipset will be the same and maybe additional controllers will change.
I wonder how memory will overclock but I doubt it will affect general performance of the platform as quad channel has high bandwidth already and overclocking the memory is barely helping while latency can't be improved much.