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buying a Celeron 1300 smart?

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New Member
Nov 2, 2002
Well ive decided to get a new celeron cpu for my box. Right now im running a 850@1050 and I thought I didnt have much to lose getting a 1300 for 66 dollars. Is it a good chip? should I expect to get at least 1500mhz out of it? thats all I really want.
If you get a good chip it could overclock pretty well. One guy got it to 133MHz FSB (That's over 1.73GHz :eek: ). I have one too. For OC 1200MHz would be better because it allows higher FSB.
well as u can see in my sig, the 1300 is overclockable without greater problems...u said u got a 800 celeron before ? thats a coppermine, u might have already noticed that u need a tualatin adapter to get the 1300. it wont run on ur old slotket.

by the way i also got a 800er celeron before. after oc'ing to 1600 my comps speed increased by 100 %. so its worth the money...
Mine does pretty good, just make sure you get some good cooling for it. When you keep it cold, it stays nice-'n-stable!

Im using a ASUS TUSL2-C mobo well that support it without any adapters? I look around and so far it does but I would like to make sure. :D
well if 1500Mhz is all you need, you better get 1.1A or 1.2A... I guess 133FSB 1470Mhz (or or 1.2A 125FSB 1500Mhz) would be faster than 115FSB 1500Mhz (1.3A).