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Chromebook Setup

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Nov 24, 2009
Hi just setting up Acer i5 Chromebook . I often get the pop up box : The proxy https://px173007 point to server.com : 10798 requires a username and password , then I have two boxes , one for inputting the username and the other for
entering the password...I have no idea what the username or password is of course, but I ask is there a tweak for this bother which avoids me accessing even my Gmail ?


That's a new one to me...

A quick trip to google yielded this, however -

Reinstall/update the app.
Clear caché and cookies.
Try with a different browser.
Hi, all browsers still popping up this , stop play for me ? I have screenshot it and trying to figure out how to upload it here, I have it saved to my Google Drive its here Im a learner. Please hold. Google drive access denied...can I send the image to an email address?

This must be a used machine right? You could search the browser for proxy settings and disable them or...

Relaod the OS from scratch. I would lean this direction to clear out any settings in the system that might be restrictive. That is, unless this machine is owned by someone else and must follow the networking policies set forth by them. Assuming that you own this machine free and clear, I would reload from scratch. Never done a chromebook so I have no idea if this is similar to installing any other OS.
Hi, I own the machine , its a new chromebook. I was able to open my google account and just refreshed all settings, dont know what tech tweaks happened but all is good now
accessing my gmail, again thank you for advisories.

Please host the image here. We cannot access your google drive (and prefer not to, SUS!, LOL).
Excuse my lack of IT : are you saying the link I provided above does not work and if so , state what I should do please.
Post magically merged:

Please host the image here. We cannot access your google drive (and prefer not to, SUS!, LOL).
See reply. Berne
Correct, your link does not work. We do not have access to your google drive (don't give us access, lol).

You can simply drag and drop most image files in the body of a post and it will attach/display. Otherwise, there's a button in reply that says "ATTACH IMAGES"... and follow those instructions. It's pretty simple if you try. ;)
Hi Im trying to drag and drop, not working...


After clicking attach files my google drives opens and I can see the file I want to simply cut and paste into this post but there is no Cut and Past available. The image is listed as a JPEG. A rightclick on the jpeg does not even show a submenu ? So I have two windows opened this thread active and my Google drive where the jpg is sitting ?

So ?

That link does not work. We do not have access to your google drive (don't give it out). Stop trying to link that, lol.

I don't know if you can drag and drop from Google Drive. But if you're in File Explorer and looking at a list/thumbnails, you can drag one in the body of a post and it will drop automatically. An image file on YOUR PC......not the cloud.
I should have been clearer, this Chromebook is an Acer Vero which is a Google Chrome OS system.
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I was typing a long response and then it hit me. Chrome OS does allow you to do a destructive factory reset on the device. It usually involves a series of button presses witht he power button and the volume up/down buttons but every piece of hardware is different. Google how to do a factory reset for your device.

Keep in mind that it MUST be a destructive reset. Otherwise it retains settings along with files and it's the settings that are getting you (I think).

If you did a reset and it was not destructive and you still have the problem, try again but make sure you choose the option that takes the device back to the day it was built. I would think that would do it for you. I'm hoping that this is useful to you.
Hi ,

I have recycled the old Chromebook , Im now using as stated above a Brand new Acer Vero Google Chrome OS.
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But it only happens when you try to log into your account? That would be a new wrinkle to me.